Creative Journey of 2013

Creativity is what really explodes out of the course HDA 210 Creativity & Innov Design Arts; it builds its self-up block by block much like the first math one ever learns (i.e. 1+1=2).  Starting with the Four P’s of creativity (process, product, person, and place) with Wallas stages (preparation, incubation, illumination, and verification) these are the true beginning fundamentals of creativity.  Blocks or stages of creativity only fall into place properly when those fundamentals are addressed with careful planning.  One has learned from the material presented that organization is usually the power in successful creativity as the first step in Wallas’s stages is preparation.  Just like this paper preparation is needed One cannot simply just type away and think or believe they did well.  One needs notes/materials taken from the course with prime details saturated throughout this paper to synthesize the fabric showing connections between influences/sources. All this may be overwhelming to the untrained or procrastinating type of individual, as creativity along with other themes plus the guest speakers needs to be expounded properly through preparation and exhortation.

LegoLand 003

Following the proposals of the fundamentals one should land on incubation, because this is the next stage in proper execution of the process in creativity.  Involving the “fun” in creativity by taking “breathers” a.k.a breaks or skips in total focus.  Time and time again as humans if we focus too hard and too long we tend to stress our minds out with over flowing information.  It is as if a storm suddenly pours over one’s work and congests their creative juiciness which hinders the process from blooming into a flower.  Only when taking a break does the storm clear and the sunshine gives rise to the blooming of that same flower.  One has felt the direct side effects of this by stepping away from a stressful model build in which case might not have ever been finished if trying to be forced out.  Knowing this also from the guest speaker Haywood with the literal breathing technique he explains it for the aid of reducing stress and calming down one’s body.  His example was weaved into this collage of sentences again by proper preparation thru the process of planning with a creative mind.  As the fruitfulness or flavor only pours out from creative minds of those who truly use them; and one can become insipid quickly thru procrastination.  The main killer of creativity along with poor comfort and improper execution of the fundamentals explained in the course material.

Another guest speaker one would like to mention is Sandra Stauffer as she taught one to think more outside of the box.  At first one was placing a great deal of stress by trying to solve the nine dots puzzle by making a box, and only when getting outside of the box is this like incubation with taking a break as one puts themselves into less stressfulness and more creativeness.  This exercise has helped one progress further in other ASU studies by allowing the analysis of objects for multi-subjugated purposes like the double role of a fork.  Pertaining to an example mentioned before a fork can be used simply for consuming food, or as a creative flag pole over a dinner plate on a business card for restaurants.  One’s professional aspirations are enticed from the knowing the fundamentals of creativity and how to avoid its killers. Illumination expels from the stage of incubation and is often spontaneous as those ideas just “pop” out of now where.  Sometimes when one is stuck that little break really helps get those epiphanies to randomly strike, like using a lightning rod to attract the strike for the safe grounding of that particular energy.

One’s ideas gush out from using that lightning rod to harness the needed ideas for completing tough models as well as written assignments. Sometimes choosing the right place also bumps up the creativeness and this course has taught one how to adapt an incorporate wisdom from seemingly hopeless situations.  Due to the fact that stress from all the ways it can occur ends up being a real road block till one learns how to go around or demolish them.  When stepping away from this class one can rest assured they will not be a victim of stress or become a quitter.  Verification takes place here thru one’s self and by one’s family as they have noticed that one has become quite the problem solver plus creative craftsmen.  Greg Bernstein who also spoke as a guest speaker one time in the classroom on the perception of others judgments influences one’s creativeness.  The clashing of different energies is how Bernstein described this because one has felt this happen several times, and one knows indeed he speaks the truth on this subject.  One cannot perform their best creatively when thinking about how another person will judge their work before it has been completed.  Within the mind of one’s self it concludes better when not incorporating the judgment of another, thus in one’s other studies judgments are blocked out until needed for possible improvements.

info wifi

Creativity & Innovative Design Arts was a well-planned course that one would recommend to anyone to take because one believes it makes entrepreneurs.  Only if they apply what is taught within the course material do they extract more creativeness.  Some may be born with the gift of being creative masterminds, but from one’s experiences most need to develop this powerful tool/skill.  This plays into one’s relationship of arts literally as it was used in History of Architecture I for a written assignment of properly choosing the right fit for a certain painting in a San Francisco home.  Proper preparation was used there as it is here now, but let it not be forgotten there is also organization. Csikszentmihalyi states one needs to be in agreement within themselves in order to be happy with their career.  One believes this and values their skills just like He has said so in the first two chapters of his book.  No one should be doing things in stressfulness or just to be doing them or else as humans we can become more flavorless.  “Where is the passion?”  Without passion in not only creativity but also one’s career life can seem like a “roller coaster from hell”.

True professionals love what they do, because they root and center themselves into being the best they can be but with passion.  One’s life is forever changed as creativity by applying its fundamentals to almost everything really makes an endless garden of hope with prosperity.  “Why reinvent the wheel?” Instead one has been taught to give it a new spin by throwing in fuel from the fruits of creative labors to gain momentum instead of stressing out with a roadblock.  Demonstration is obvious of throughout all the papers written for this course as one did not find and conclude all this from “winging it”.  Guest speakers have left their mark and impression upon one enough to willingly spread it to others as great advice for life.  Understanding that creativity flows thru everything is a paradigm that is now noticed, and before this was not so as simple things had stayed simple.  Remember the Moon is not simply just in orbit for no good reason, and it came about through only certain distinct events that one would need to research to fully comprehend.  Thus it is so that all simple things are now analyzed within one’s self only due to the fact of this unmistakably developed reasoning from the powerful tool of creativity.


Orcutt Winslow the firm

One noticed thru careful observation that the company Orcutt Winslow was under a prevailing well guided team of leaders one of which is Eric Clinite.  He had set up the work environment to revolve around work that was pleasurable and artistic, rather than rigid and enforced.  Orcutt Winslow is an architectural company/firm with strengths in both interior and exterior design based originally in Arizona.  Right away one could spot the ping pong table out and in use by the employees who were taking a small break from a project they were working on.  They freely invited any and all to come to play a few rounds before going back to work, because the employees stated it helps them get the creative juices flowing when they get stuck.  One having met President Paul Winslow without even knowing so before had that there would be the chance of it given the time frame one had.  Paul had the philosophy about being positive mentally brings out more positive work power both physically as well as artistically and focusing on the client’s needs as a very serious issue for the company to evolve around.  The company has been in popular demand in proximity to a half century within eight coming years; some of the buildings designed by them include hospitals (St Joseph’s Hospital & Medical Center), educational (Arizona State University Cancer Research Institute), and commercial facilities like the Meridian Bank in time tennis

Inspiration blossoms from well gathered information integrated with centralization on client needs thru the careful planning within this well-organized company.  Flow output is not dammed up in fact it is increased rather nicely one might add due to the fact of the open design plan allowing much natural light into the facility during the day.  Orcutt Winslow gets the fruits of its’ labors fully ripened because of the intense focus on client’s needs, and this has proven to be their success for growth in the future to come.  Starting back in 71’ Orcutt & Winslow along with two college grads from our very own ASU decided it was time to establish the firm that would change Arizona for the century.  IMG_0963They have designed just shy of two hundred and eighty buildings over the metropolitan area in ten different categories some of which include education, senior living, commercial, sustainable, and more.  Not only to mention that none of these designs were pumped out like an assembly line or cookie cutter build but hand crafted like a master craftsmen comparable in modern day to the ancient Michelangelo of the churches.  Pertaining to class discussion on thinking outside of the box along with the guest speaker who aimed at teaching us to focus more on other possible utilities of what the object was designed for.  A possible example would be taking a fork into thought and how it might be used for other purposes like an artistic flag pole say for like a business logo to a particular restaurant.  This is perfectly shown and integrated into Orcutt Winslow’s proposals that become a reality to their clients when utilization of maximum work-space is done within the budget while also making it unique. 

One could tell this was the place to be at and work for when attending one of the meetings, and noticing all the facial expressions being that of very happy children as if it where Christmas every day here.  Paul Winslow was happy that him and Herman Orcutt are leading one of the best architectural firms in the United States, as well as winning Arizona’s American Institute of Architects 2004 Architectural Firm of the Year, and the 2005 AIA Western Mountain Regional Architectural Firm of the Year award.  One of the things one would enjoy mentioning is the adapted ability of the company being patient with consistent happiness in the direction they are heading as a firm.  One would also like to suggest Csikszentmihalyi ‘Finding Flow,’finding flow contained in chapter one the talking of workers in generalization, found most employees being at work just to work while only a few were working in a career that they actually enjoyed.  A particular sustainable building one has actually observed is the award winning Arizona State University Health Services Building, and one can actually notice right away just how much natural light is let into the working space of both student & teacher.  This Building is a prime example of the “go green” technology by building a structure that requires less energy to run especially during the daytime when use of artificial light is nearly obsolete.  One will discover other buildings introduced by Orcutt Winslow over the vast metropolitan area of Phoenix which also implement sustainable design.

IMG_0958For future architects and business people alike it is very clear and the obvious choice  is “go green” technologies and designs, for not only does the Earth benefit from such decisions but so do the wallets of those who make them.  It might take one some time to research or question the leading authority of “green” technologies on how to implement, or integrate them more on a mass scale, or for personal use within a home , and possibly more specifically to a project.  One of Orcutt Winslow’s main ideas is “a project can only be as good as the information gathered,” this is sound advice for anyone from prenovice to grand master as incorporating dozens of ideas into one flawless master piece is “no walk in the park”.  In some cases it takes years of careful planning before construction works come together with physical prowess and materials to put these grandiose projects headway.  Steps in the design process vary in order and intensity given the situation and time frame of a particular project, but one thing is for sure it has to be organized both neatly and efficiently.  Taking too much time one begins losing both business opportunities and sacrifices portions of the budget, but if one is too hasty and it will more than likely lead them anywhere from minor to major mistakes!  Always establish an outline or plan as to the order in how fast, important, and time frame are in the design process decisions will be made according to what is best while taking into consideration all angles that are apparent or reachable within the budget.  Never skip around or take shortcuts as these can be so fatal in error that one may cease to have either a career or business any further into the future.  People do not forget catastrophes so easy in a serious design error, nor do they recommend the architect who took too long to deliver, or thought it would be wise to cut costs on cheaper materials when physics really do matter.  Architects need to ask themselves some final things before saying their design is complete “will this actually work in reality?” and “is every reachable angle thru the information gathered meet the budget as well as the client’s needs?”  After answering these in one’s opinion the design in theory is complete and now one just needs to carefully observe the building as it is made.

Would cities be form without Sandbox Exercise?

As a citizen that makes my daily commute from one side of the city to the other I personally experience the layout of the urban surroundings. Through my travels I know which paths and routes to take as if I built it myself. These days there are several developments of virtual stimulating types of video games that give one the opportunity to actually construct their own city. To the average person playing a game such as SimCity or Cities in Motion would be viewed as “just as game”, although in more depth reality it really helps acquire skills to identify with real world and how it functions every day. Something as simple as playing with Lego’s as a child turns into how someone grasps the real world as an adult.

 Video games have mixed views of whether they are helpful or destructive to one’s mind. What most people who do not engage in these activities do not appreciate what can be taken away from the games in a positive way. As I travel through my daily routes I recognize that Phoenix is planned out the same way as in SimCity or any of the other city construction games. I personally see streets, public transportation, buildings and residential areas. There are several similarities between the virtual city and the actual city in which I live. From seeing the surroundings of Phoenix daily, subconsciously I take what I know and apply it to my own developments as if it was only a game I was designing. The biggest difference between the two worlds is the simple fact that one is the “real world” and one is not. They may be laid out the same but it must be understood that the game does help a person’s value of the actual thing excluding taking the place of it.


Planning out a city in Cities in Motion can help people figure out solutions to the challenges of what goes on in Phoenix itself. The simple realization that you will crash and fail just as many times as you will succeed. It has always been said that “practice makes perfect” and this is no different. A similarity to the building of a city is like organizing a home. You must decide where you would like each piece of furniture placed and where to add the rest of your belongings. The same goes for constructing a town. The developer decides where to put the neighborhoods, the grocery stores, and the building’s in order to make it all function together and make it easily accessible to the residents or fictional characters.  Everything you experience is a constant development towards another experience for the future. There is never a manual or directions for how something is to be built. It takes trial and error in both worlds to figure out what is the best way to do something and what is satisfying in the end.

Almost everything is learned from experiences. Looking back many years ago to when the Romans began to assemble their lands it was nothing but guessing. There was no one before to tell them how to do something or if they were making the best decisions or not. As stated in “In Praise of the Urban Sandbox”, it claims “computer games aren’t just games anymore. They are learning experiences.” It may look like just a waste of time and something fun to do save for in the end there is much to be learned from a simple game. Learning to construct a city and the suburbs it contains by way of a computer game is much more than sitting in front of a machine for hours. It is truly an educational growth in promoting the expansion of an individual understands of how cities are made.

As someone who plays video games myself, I never thought about them as being any kind of learning experience. I have always looked at it as something fun to do to pass the time. I’ll admit I can easily take up a better part of my day playing a game not realizing the time I have lost in doing so. However the different ways I now look at it I wonder if I am indeed wasting time and energy or rather actually gaining experience from the game. The article “In Praise of the Urban Sandbox” it mentions the book by Jane McGonigal and the views of games. “McGonigal’s new book, Reality is Broken, makes the case that playing games one of life’s most important activities.” There are many individuals that would instantly disagree with this statement. These are typically the people that are not either familiar with the games or they are negatively influenced by their opinions towards them.  Some people may not see the positive impact these particular games can have on the mind and what is learned from taking part in the activity. The most recent game developed by McGonigal has been said that is “a crash course in changing the world.” It gives the scenario that there are communities in Tokyo that go hungry every single day and now through a game you are given the opportunity to find solutions to the problem. Through training and testing you figure out ways to solve the challenges that can be used in the future for this very problem. By thinking outside the box of different scenarios in a game, there is no end to trial and error in order to find a solution.

OP sandbox

As these virtual stimulating games keep advancing the growth of our culture many often wonder what is next. Will there really be a game that is exactly like the real world and how will society perceive it? The CEO and developer of the game Cities in Motion, Marinna Hallikainen says “to make Cities in Motion into a real-life transport simulation would require quite a lot of work.” It’s obvious that we take what we know from real life and can easily turn it into parts of a game. However, as far as taking a game and making that part of the real world, which is much more complex. There is a lot that goes on behind the scenes of video game development, nevertheless when it comes to the actual developing of a city such as Phoenix, there is even more to it.

Growing up playing with Lego’s has become my backbone for construction and development. Hands-on experience is losing its value because of the constant advancing of virtual stimulating games like SimCity and Cities in Motion. These types of games play a huge part in the way people learn except nothing will ever take the place of the actual work shop experience. According to The Los Angeles Time’s California Budget Balance, “It’s inevitable to have little protests breaking out in the streets, other than you have choices, solve problems and learn along the way with little actual cost except your own time investment.” Technology will continue to aid the future of fabricating cities and the world itself, on the contrary the foundation will always come from hands on materials. From Lego’s to video games society has become one giant “Urban Sandbox.”

Finding Purpose?

Expression on mindfulness speaker Professor Heywood spoke of elimination of noise from the mind will allow one to dive into deeper contemplation.  First one must find a quieter environment; afterwards one will need to put themselves into a passive attitude, and then it would be most beneficial to have a comfortable position.  Having these initial steps done one will be able to relieve tensions that exert stress on the body and take from the raw power of thinking.  Having said this one will be able to enhance their creative output to higher levels in much easier manner, and the opposite of what was mentioned previously will stagger or shun true contemplation completely.  One is not truly able to dwell deep on their thoughts when the body is uncomfortable or within a noisy environment.

Creativity needs total focus on certain ideas or concepts to reach outstanding achievements.  One must master their behavior in the forms of prioritization as well as configuration to have what many call a “eureka” moment.  A precise moment when one discovers or creates something that will change many for the better. Not all creativity needs to be quite this astonishing or outstanding to be within the scope of creativity, but one believes that these are the inspiration for others to pursue or contemplate their own creativity.GRA_0003

Human beings have the power to influence one another, and one saying goes is, “you are the average of the people you surround yourself with”, and so one should try to surround themselves with others when stuck or in need of help.  Humans are designed to be sociable so the flexibility of one’s creativeness can be extended when being influenced by others.  Engineers create things for others to use, so one knows that they need to have a lot of creativity or their work will suffer.  If they have this deficiency to incorporate making designs, machinery, or other work related things user friendly then they need further explore their creativity. One contemplated differently prior to this course because it seemed like words needed to have rigid definitions like the word creativity.

Throughout this course one has found this rigidness or need of solid definitions is loose when trying to describe creativity. This is because creativity can come from so many sources like music, people, memories, attractions, feelings, and etc. While at the same time creativity can be killed by over rewarding or not actively stressing one’s mind enough upon the expansion of creative thinking. Minds can become rather static quickly through the corruption of procrastination or thru negativity presented by others. If one believes they are under surveillance as if someone is watching over their shoulder one could describe it as two energies are colliding together and disrupting raw forms of creativity.

What is Creativity?

The beginning of the course professor Emmett played a video of what one of his students created on the topic of “what is creativity?” While listening to this video all of the artists expressed their opinions on the subject of creativity. When this video finished the professor asked “Do you understand what creativity is?” Momentarily one thought within their mind that all the artists described what creativity was in the scope of their field but not soundly answering the question, “what is creativity?” One’s vision of being creative is simply how the mind integrates things and how one can use the tools they have learned from education to express or build upon something. One believes the video demonstrates both field and domain in connection to the course material. Each of the artists represents their title with initiative expression that flows with a personal sense of creativity rather than encompassing all of creativity. In comparison one could say that creativity is like our very own universe with many undiscovered parts, meaning that it is a powerful tool to tap into but its vastness and complexity will leave one contemplating nearly forever.

Due to the fact that creativity draws its’ self from sources either around one’s self environmentally or through an individual’s own contemplation. One simple idea can actually be rather complicated when breaking it down into how it came from our thoughts based on creativity alone. Take for instance the Moon it is easy to know that it is stuck in a circular orbit, this is a simple idea. Now creatively thinking how did events lead perfectly to such a thing as ever existing as it does now. One would need to do in depth research to answer this question correctly, but notice how complex that originally simple idea became when trying to explain its origins. This ties into one’s contemplation on creativity as it is somewhat simple yet extremely complicated, it is easy for some humans while others have difficulty extracting creativeness. The course material has enhanced the broadening of my mind to not be narrow in the search or expression of ideas but mainly those ideas pertaining to creativity.

Guerrilla Marketing

Global Handwashing Day

We were promoting global handwashing day which is October 15th in connection to the guerrilla marketing by implementing awareness of hygiene thru the depiction of handwashing or cleaning in various ways. In my implementation I had various print outs of pictures with captions corresponding on how to properly wash the hands in several steps. I offered free hand sanitizer in travel size forms (1oz) because it was easier for the random people walking by to grab rather than putting out hand soap. One cannot deny the simplicity of use on the go of hand sanitizer in comparison to hand soap. Following the strategy of guerilla marketing one was able to inform the public without trying to hinder or ruin their shopping experience as no social media was used.


The best choice was an obvious one and that was implementing this marketing strategy at the local Wal-Mart. Due to the excessive amount of human traffic going in and out of the store the spreading of germs is quite easy. Setting up was simple one first went to customer service and informed the employees that they would like to speak with the store manager. After conversing with the store manager Eric one received permission to have a table with the information posted on the printed materials then tapped to the top of that table. The free samples of hand sanitizers where then place on the table all facing the same direction that is towards the entrance and exits.

With the convenient travel size bottles of hand sanitizer the random people would find it easy to carry and stash away. These bottles are super effective in eliminating germs and sharing the common goal of proper hygiene. With no social media the only way to get attention was to greet people and then they would notice the table with the information printed and the samples. Once they read the information on proper handwashing and global hand washing day they took the free samples of hand sanitizer.


One brought a long a loyal companion to get involved with the marketing project. One executed the set up flawlessly by having an extra pair of hands to quickly create an informational hub.


Success & Failures:
One success was the simplicity of the set-up being near the high traffic flow entrances this could help reach more people effectively and promptly. Another success was that male shoppers were more comfortable with the random greeting and taking of the free samples. Women seemed to be more anti-social towards one being a stranger to them, or due to possibly being in a hurry. Maybe there was not enough information or they simply did not want involvement. The awareness of hand washing day was a success by all the free samples being taken by the consumers. Not being multi-lingual hindered the operation of the marketing as not all of the shoppers were primarily English speaking. The greeting was changed a few times towards different age groups as one universal greeting was not proper for all.


A few points one would have changed is the time of day as it was roughly around five-o-clock, and some of the shoppers could have been in a hurry to get home and make dinner. A better time would be in the morning around eleven a.m. as breakfast has passed and it is not quite lunch time yet (most average business lunch times are between 12-2p.m.). Some of the scents seemed undesired by some of the shoppers like for example most avoided vanilla. It would have been smoother to just have given all the same scent of classic hand sanitizer as people were more comfortable with it. Possibly changing the theme of our clothes would have made our appearance friendlier to deal with especially for the random women as well as the time of day.

20131009_182510     20131009_18324820131009_182051
It was overwhelming information on the Internet under hygiene. Nearly scanning thought dozens of the diagrams on the Internet in discovering proper handwashing procedures. One then printed several demonstrations of proper information that we were than a share publicly. One found several locations where to set up the hub in validating handwashing service your mind already been judged and examined in environment that best suits your knowledge to be a successful display. Rather than just taking photographs of the candidates from promptly asked the shoppers if they were comfortable of having a photograph taken for demonstration.

a creativity spirit of Lana Del Rey

Lana del Rey, born Elizabeth Grant, is one of the most unique artists in today’s time. She is known for her 60’s style and sweet soulful music. She is unlike many of the singers that we see today, which makes her extremely loved or extremely hated by critics. Lana, an heiress to her millionaire dad’s wealthy business, was focused on making a name for herself, paving her own way through the music industry. She started off playing at small underground gigs in New York, and mesmerized audiences with seductive vocals and a hipster style. Changing from Sparkle Jump Rope Queen, to Lizzy Grant, and finally to Lana Del Rey, she created a fan base dedicated to the intricate lyrics we now here on the radio.Lana Del Rey

When interviewed, Lana described herself as a “free spirited child”, a different being who always sang, but never really grew up planning on making a career at it. She struggled with alcohol dependence, which led her to focus on helping others with rehabilitation, providing many experiences to later write songs about. She knew that every bone in her body needed to do something creative, but she didn’t know how to pursue a dream of writing. In college, she was looking for answers, looking for proof of God. She was interested in metaphysics, trying to “bridge the gap between God and science”. She wanted to figure out where we came from and why, and ended up finding herself and beginning a journey down a musical road. Eventually, she became sober and focused on her music and playing at underground shows.

Lana Del Rey quotes “With music, my goals shifted from wanting to become an important artist, to becoming an active member of my community”. This reminds me of the system model that discusses the individual, the domain, and the field. This community that Lana-the individual- discusses is what we know as the field and the domain. Her domain is the music community, singers trying to create a fan base and come up with music that will become popular. The field is everyone around her, all other artists and producers and designers trying to thrive in this music community. Lana’s ambitions changed from trying to get her name known, and now focusing on becoming a graceful person and creating songs and music for herself. She draws off of others in the field, Elvis Presley, Britney Spears, Kurt Cobain, as an individual her ideas generate from others to begin with. She is defined by what she sees from others, and then she twists it and makes it something of her own. Her music cannot be put into one genre, because it incorporates soul, r&b, pop and hip hop, all into one.

Lana’s writing process is that of a perfectionist. She writes songs when she knows that they will be perfect enough for the record. She draws inspiration from everything she loves around her and everything she has experienced in her life. New York may be the biggest source of musical lyrics for this singer. The 9 years she spent wandering Brooklyn, are the reason that her songs are the way they are. The lyrics in every song come from something that she has witnessed, whether it is a stranger’s life or an event that occurred directly to her. She described herself as a night owl, going on adventures, walking the streets alone at night. She memorized the city, the architecture, the landscapes, and that is what fuels her songs. Those are the creative juices that can allow her to be so successful. She says that her best writing process is giving herself time to live, time to enjoy things, and experience life. I see a big similarity with incubation here, because her long periods of incubation are when the creative ideas surface. She doesn’t just get up and shower to recharge. She takes six months, to learn and understand new things about herself, and then comes back with plenty of ideas and ready to write.

Lana Del Rey’s stage presence is something to be praised because she truly gets lost in every song that she sings. When asked about her creative ideas for music videos and stage sets, Lana says that the picture for it usually comes before the lyrics anyways. Through every music video, you can interpret so much more from the song because of the themes and the visuals that you see. She not only wants the listener to hear this heartfelt song, but also to feel each and every dramatic experience. Lana is so popular because she is Lana Del Rey. It is not the other way around. The music videos that we see are famous because of who she is, because of the way she presents herself. It is important to see that her creativity, her difference from the other artists in the domain is what makes her so successful. Her creative process is very specifically pulling from every single aspect of her life to create something beautiful. She is able to tell the stories of every person she has met along the way, and listeners can relate to those stories.

Lana Del Rey albums

Lana Del Rey definitely has the intrapersonal intelligence. She has a deep understanding of herself, of who she is, and what she wants to accomplish. There is nothing more that fans can ask of in an artist, because everything she gives us will be 100% real. Her motivational states, as Amabile discusses, are mostly internal with a hint of external. She writes songs because she loves it. She lives these experiences for herself, but brings them back to the table and produces and album that fans would like. She has never merely sung to become popular, if that were the case she would be just like all the other artists. Lana Del Rey is who she is because she is not like anyone else. Her motivational state has little impact with what other people think of her. There are many critics, but none can break her down when she knows that what she is putting out is completely herself and that is the best achievement a creative person can have. Her creativity is shown plain to see in her most popular music video, Video Games. It is a homemade video, filled with clips that represent every single thing that she is. We see shorts of her singing seductively to the camera, and different scenes that make all listeners nostalgic for a time that once was. She made this video herself, whole heartedly showing us all exactly who she is and who she’s not.